How Does A Microlit Bottle Top Dispenser Work and How Does It Save Money While Improving Efficiency and Accuracy?

How Does A Microlit Bottle Top Dispenser Work and How Does It Save Money While Improving Efficiency and Accuracy?

There are many ways to transfer a specific volume of laboratory solutions, media, solvents, and chemicals.

Large volumes of liquid may be measured in a graduated cylinder and poured by hand or forced from one container to another using a pump.

Smaller volumes of liquids can be moved with some variation of pipet be it a fixed volume pipette, adjustable volume pipette, transfer pipette or an electronic operated pipette aid or pipette controller.

Laboratories that need to regularly dispense a consistent amount of the same chemicals or solutions can select a bottle top dispenser, or BTD.

Bottle top dispensers screw on to the top of the storage bottle and can be adjusted to deliver very precise amounts of liquid with a simple pump.

Not all bottle top dispensers are equal. Some bottle top dispensers are very basic while others are made from the most demanding materials capable of dispensing highly caustic substances and appropriate for trace metal analysis.

Stellar Scientific offers laboratory bottle top dispensers from Microlit, a company with nearly twenty-years’ experience with liquid handling and numerous patented features.

Microlit bottle top dispensers are an excellent choice for research laboratories, analytical chemistry laboratories, cannabis laboratories, breweries and even cosmetic research and development.

Microlit bottle top dispensers are identified by four different brand names representing increasing complexity and premium features.

Regardless of which Microlit bottle top dispenser you choose, each comes with a calibration tool and five screw top adapters to fit almost all common GL thread sizes (GL28, GL32, GL38, GL40 and GL45).

Microlit Scitus is the introductory level bottle top dispenser designed for customers working with inexpensive chemicals or solvents who can afford to continually purge and prime their bottle top dispenser and do not need to recycle excess reagent back into the bottle. 

The Scitus features an easy to set volume knob as well as a flexible dispensing nozzle to help direct liquids into the bottle or container of your choice. 

Microlit Beatus is a mid-level bottle top dispenser with all the features of the Scitus plus a recirculating valve to redirect excess chemicals or expensive reagents back into the storage bottle.

Besides conserving valuable solutions, a recirculating value helps increase the accuracy of the delivered volume because repetitive priming of the system replaces dead volume with liquid.

Microlit Ultimus is a bottle top dispenser designed for heavy use where expensive chemicals or solutions are repeatedly dispensed. 

It features a recirculating value and adds a second port so that two liquids can be dispensed using the same bottle top dispenser.

Not only is this a convenient feature for efficiency, this second port also allows for a rinse cycle to clean out the bottle top dispenser.

Microlit Lentus is a bottle top dispenser made from specially tested materials for dispensing highly aggressive chemicals like Hydrofluoric acid.

The Microlit Lentus can be used for trace analysis experiments when cleaned thoroughly first with pure chemicals like acetone 20% HCL, 30% HNO3 and de-ionized water.

Take the guesswork out of your liquid dispensing with a Microlit bottle top dispenser from Stellar Scientific