Getting Tested For Monkeypox Quickly And Safely Using Copan eNat Sample Preservative

Getting Tested For Monkeypox Quickly And Safely Using Copan eNat Sample Preservative

Now that the United States government has declared Monkeypox a national health emergency, dollars are flowing again to help diagnostic laboratories stay stocked with sample collection kits and materials needed to test for Monkeypox.

As with the start of the COVID pandemic, increased demand for testing creates bottlenecks as more samples are collected than can be processed immediately.

What are the different types of sample collection kits for Monkeypox testing? 

Laboratories testing for Monkeypox can either use a viral transport medium that requires refrigeration to preserve genetic material, or they can opt for a Guanidine based media that requires no refrigeration and is temperature stable for up to a month.

eNat sample collection kits from Copan combine a COPAN-invented FLOQSwab® with 2mL Guanidine-thiocyanate based medium that stabilizes the RNA and DNA of Viruses, Bacteria, Chlamydia, Trichomonas vaginalis, and Mycoplasma.

Not only does eNat protect Monkeypox samples from degrading over time, eNat renders the virus completely inactive which means the technician can handle the sample without protective equipment or a biosafety cabinet.

What makes the eNAT kit from Copan the most reliable for Monkeypox testing?

Perhaps the most outstanding feature of any Copan Monkeypox sample collection kit are their patented FLOQSwab®.

Traditional specimen swabs are made using spun Nylon which creates a tangled web that traps the majority of the genetic material and affects test results.

FLOQSwabs® are made with perpendicularly sprayed on Nylon fibers. This coating creates a thin absorbent layer that allows for quick sample uptake and elution of more than 90% of the sample.

Copan eNat sample collection kits for Monkeypox testing are available with either a standard sized or mini-tip sized swab with an 80mm breakpoint for easy handling.

Can I use eNAT kits for other kinds of testing?


Copan eNat sample collection kits can be used for Monkeypox testing or any of these applications and platforms: Bacteriology and virology culture, rapid antigen testing, molecular-based assays, direct fluorescent antibody (DFA) tests, enzyme immune assay testing (EIA) and cytology testing.

Because of its long shelf-life, you can purchase eNAT for Monkeypox testing and switch it for use with other forms of testing when testing declines.

Are there any precautions with using eNAT kits from Copan?

Yes. Guanidine based kits cannot be used on Hologic Panther and other robotic liquid handling devices that incorporate a bleach wash as part of their protocol. 

Stellar Scientific is an authorized distributor of Copan eNat sample collection kits for Monkeypox testing.