Five Ways Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® Inactivating Transport Media Will Save Your Lab Money Right Now

Five Ways Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® Inactivating Transport Media Will Save Your Lab Money Right Now

While the best time to select a viral transport media is prior to opening a COVID-19 testing lab, switching to Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® at any point will lower the total operating costs significantly.

Here are five critical ways Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® inactivating transport media will save the lab money.

  • No need for biocontainment or costly biosafety cabinets. 

Save the lab tens of thousands of dollars in start-up costs.

Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® is proven to inactivate 100% of viral material making it safe enough to handle while seated at a run of the mill lab bench, or any stable surface.

Already bought BSCs and other safety hoods? Turn them off and reclaim electricity savings.

  • No need for refrigeration and troublesome cold storage.

Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® inactivates SARS-CoV-2 while stabilizing RNA without sacrificing Ct sensitivity. 

Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® can be safely stored at room temperature for up to thirty days.

Samples stored in Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® were subjected to high temperatures similar to what would be found inside a UPS delivery truck and retained potency even after 48 hours.

  • No need to carry inventory of transport tubes.

Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® comes loaded in four different sized leak-proof cryovials; 2mL, 3mL, 4mL and 5mL to accommodate a wide range of robotic liquid handling systems.

Free the lab from constantly searching for a sufficient supply of transport tubes and crippling backorders.

  • No need to pay exorbitant import charges or worry the FDA may seize the shipment for inspection.

Time is money. Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® is manufactured in the USA and quantities up to nearly one million vials can be ready to ship within a few days.

Never tie up critical cash waiting for an order of viral transport media to ship/be delivered.

  • No need to ever validate again

Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® is the only FDA cleared Class Two device for both DNA and RNA on the market.

When the current EUA expires, Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® may continue to be used without hesitation or further validation.

Purchasing agents that play the “switch to the next cheapest VTM supplier game" cost their laboratory precious time as each new transport media must be validated again.

And because ultimately COVID-19 testing is about delivering accurate and timely results, Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® will make the lab a lot of money.