Enzymatic DNA Extraction In a Single Tube Is Faster and Cleaner Than What You Are Using

Enzymatic DNA Extraction In a Single Tube Is Faster and Cleaner Than What You Are Using

What if you could extract DNA in under thirty minutes with no magnetic beads, no silica columns and no harsh solvents?

All current methodologies for extracting DNA are complex, time consuming and involve multiple steps and clean ups that reduce the DNA yield and waste time.

Because loss of DNA samples is nearly always a given, labs must grow cells longer, sometimes up to twelve days, to generate sufficient DNA for downstream applications like qPCR, genome amplification and CRISPR.

As the amount of time needed to grow cells and extract DNA increases, so do the risks for contamination and error.

Stellar Scientific distributes DNA and RNA extraction kits from MicroGEM.

MicroGEM has developed a revolutionary fast process for extracting DNA and RNA which is so simple, the entire process can be performed in a single tube using a common end-point thermal cycler to activate the enzyme cocktail.

The process is so sensitive, DNA can be extracted from a SINGLE CELL!

Once the extraction is complete, downstream reagents can be added to the extract directly; no further purification and no centrifugation is needed!

Compare your current DNA extraction workflow with the MicroGEM process

There is no comparison – This is simply the quickest way to isolate high-quality and high yield DNA for downstream applications.

MicroGEM has also developed the PDQex, an automated nucleic acid extraction platform to produce double-stranded DNA for whole genomic sequencing.

Yes, that is a ball-point pen in the picture to show how compact the system is. 

In addition to a thermophilic enzyme cocktail, the PDQex uses a thermoplastic tube and filter to expel the DNA from the reaction tube into a microtube – the entire process takes place in a closed system – no pipetting post extraction is needed.

This hands-free process protects the integrity of the sample.

MicroGEM offers DNA and RNA extraction kits for a wide variety of research and forensic samples.

prepGEM is the most universal kit with applications for extracting DNA from bacteria, tails, mammalian cell culture and other sample sources.

forensicGEM is fine tuned for extracting crime scene samples like sperm and vaginal swabs.

phytoGEM is suitable for studying plant genotypes and genetic variation, endophytic plant pathogens, genetic mapping, fingerprinting, microsatellite marker-assisted selection, and for evaluating the authenticity of exported plant varieties, botanical extracts and molecular detection of food adulterant.

Because the phytoGEM kits are used with the PDQex nucleic acid extractor, double stranded DNA for qPCR and PCR is the end product.

Its time to fix an outdated and broken system.

Stellar Scientific and MicroGEM are ready to elevate your DNA extraction to the twenty-first century.