Choose a Memmert Climate Chamber for Your Most Discriminating Laboratory Testing

Choose a Memmert Climate Chamber for Your Most Discriminating Laboratory Testing

High Performance, Energy Efficient Peltier Technology

Memmert is dedicated to continuous refinement of their high-precision Peltier heating and cooling technology. This extremely sensitive temperature control concept ensures that processes are reliable and stable for the long term.

The “Green” energy saving and maintenance free Peltier technology is a definite advantage over compressor cooled units especially for long-term duration testing. 

The Memmert Peltier element technology is particularly economical for this purpose. In comparison to a standard constant climate chamber with a compressor, utilizing the Peltier technology can reduce energy consumption by up to 90% during continuous operation over extended time periods.

Not to mention, the units are almost vibration free, with lower noise levels that are preferred in the lab setting.

Memmert climate chambers are capable of reproducing exact, defined conditions when it comes to temperature and relative humidity, even in a large space.

In our new XXL sizes, HPP 1060, HPP 1400 and HPP 2200, the uniformity and stability of both temperature, and relative humidity throughout the chambers, even at full capacity, is consistent thanks to the HeatBALANCE function (selection of heating distribution performance, upper/lower by -50% to +50% based upon load).

The most common application for Memmert HPP units in accordance with ICH, GMP and IFSCC in pharmacology, cosmetics, food industry is “stability testing” both of products, and product packaging.

Thanks to the smooth and quite operation of the Peltier elements, the constant climate chamber is also perfect for protein crystal growth, breeding insects or zebrafish, Drosophila studies, and a special unit for mice keeping. “Memmert Mice Hotel”

Check out the HPP 750 LIFE unit for this specific application.

Controlled air exchange and controlled relative humidity, even at lower temperatures can be achieved thanks to the compressed air dehumidification system equipped on the “LIFE” units.

With the Memmert climate chambers “optional”, interior lighting, units can additionally be utilized in seed germination and plant cultivation processes.

Perfect natural environment simulation, ensuring natural growth conditions.

Powerful, precise, perfect for environment, space saving equipment. 

How can you not choose the innovative Peltier technology in the Memmert HPP constant climate units?