Bring Your Cell Culture Centrifuge Into the Future With This New Rotor Package

Bring Your Cell Culture Centrifuge Into the Future With This New Rotor Package

Stellar Scientific and Hermle/Benchmark are excited to introduce the Z326-MPCA carrier insert, the only centrifugation option on the market that safely spins chamber slides and small cell culture dishes.

The Hermle Z326-MPCA cell culture carrier inserts comes in a two-pack to be used with any Hermle microplate carrier. 

The carriers are cleverly grooved to accommodate three different sized vessels, chamber slides, 35mm dish and 60mm dish, without any adjustment or additional components. 

How will this new centrifuge rotor be used? 

Three immediate areas of interest are: 

1. Inducing contact of bacteria or viral particles with cells (usually for the purpose of infection and consequent imaging)

2. Inducing contact between cultured cells and particles (nanoparticles, beads, non-soluble reagents)

3. Treatment/washing of cells cultivated in suspension

Prior to the Hermle Z326-MPCA a lab would have to innovate their own technique for performing these activities producing results that were not always consistent, and is some cases, dangerous

The Hermle Z326-MPCA cell culture inserts are compatible with any Hermle centrifuge that supports a microplate rotor. 

This includes the Hermle Z306, Hermle Z326, Hermle Z366, Hermle Z446 and their refrigerated counterparts. 

One caveat - This centrifuge insert is designed to work ONLY with Hermle microplate rotors, hence you MUST own a Hermle centrifuge.  

If you DO NOT own a Hermle centrifuge, this is a great time to look again at all they have to offer. 

Hermle universal centrifuges offer a broad range of applications from cell culture to RNA/DNA prep and beyond. 

Check out these Hermle bundle specials which come pre-configured with rotor packages for different applications

Backed with a comprehensive five-year warranty, Hermle/Benchmark and Stellar Scientific give you a centrifuge that will grow with you and support your research well into the future.