Are you ready for GHS (Globally Harmonized System) of chemical classification? We can help

Are you ready for GHS (Globally Harmonized System) of chemical classification? We can help

In 2012, to enhance workplace safety, OSHA established new guidelines for providing clear communication of dangers to those who work in the presence of chemicals.

A timeline was created for both employers and distributors to develop new SDS (safety data sheets) which would feature, among a host of changes, specific language and pictograms to facilitate quick understanding. 

Employers were given until December 2013 to educate their employees about hazards and proper care of chemicals, while distributors and manufacturers have until June 1, 2015 to begin labeling their products using the new system. 

That deadline is quickly approaching, but we are ready to support your efforts to be in compliance. 

Stellar Scientific is pleased to offer the best ever GHS compliant wash bottle. You simply must check these out because they are loaded with features designed with safety in mind. 

Wash bottles represent the five most commonly used laboratory solutions: Isopropanol, ethanol, methanol, acetone and distilled water. 

Bottles are color-coded, labeled in three languages (English, Spanish and French), loaded with safety pictograms, and designed with a jet-tip for extremely precise control and no leakage. 

And, they are the only GHS compliant wash bottles that come fully-assembled! Just break open the shrink-wrap plastic, place them on your bench top and get back to work. 

Because we love to make your life simpler, we knew the moment we saw these new GHS compliant wash bottles that this would be a product you'd want to have for your laboratory. 

Available from us in handy five-packs. You can learn more about them when you follow this link.