A Plastic Class A Graduated Cylinder Will Make Your Lab Safer Without Sacrificing Accurate Laboratory Liquid Measuring

A Plastic Class A Graduated Cylinder Will Make Your Lab Safer Without Sacrificing Accurate Laboratory Liquid Measuring

Graduated cylinders are found in nearly all life science laboratories.

Graduated cylinders are used for measuring the volume of liquids to know the liquid volume or for use in preparing mixtures.

Graduated cylinders may be made from a high-quality chemically resistant Borosilicate glass or from durable polypropylene (PP) and even polymethylpentene (PMP).

While polymethylpentene may not be autoclaved like glass or polypropylene, it has a glass-like clarity and is a safer option where clarity is needed.

Graduated cylinders are so named because of the graduation lines along the length of the cylinder for measuring the liquids they contain.

Correct reading of a graduated cylinder is to be done at eye level with the observer measuring the liquid meniscus either at its lowest point, where the liquid forms a concave shape, or the highest point when a convex shape is formed.

Graduated cylinders are ranked in two different classes for their accuracy based on ASTM E1272 standards and specifications.

Class B graduated cylinders are for general purpose liquid measuring and require no special markings or certification of accuracy.

Class A graduated cylinders are twice as accurate as Class B graduated cylinders and must be marked with the letter A and may also come with a traceable serial number for certification.

When the utmost in liquid measuring accuracy is needed, a volumetric flask should be used instead of a graduated cylinder.

Borosilicate glass graduated cylinders offer the greatest chemical resistance and durability. When taken care of properly they can last a lifetime.

Like all laboratory glassware, they will break when dropped and pose a hazard. This is especially worrisome for teaching laboratories where inexperienced students are handling these heavy, thick-walled glass vessels.

Stellar Scientific now offers Class A plastic graduated cylinders for high accuracy without compromising on laboratory safety.

Our plastic Class A graduated cylinders are made from chemically resistant polymethylpentene.

Graduation lines are molded into the plastic to ensure easy reading even after many years of use with harsh solvents and repeated washing.

Like their Class A borosilicate graduated cylinder counterparts, our plastic Class A graduated cylinders have chunky hexagonal bases for support.

Plastic Class A graduated cylinders come 10mL to 2L and are sold by the each.