Freedom Rocker BlotBot 248 Automated Blot Processor For Mini and Midi Gels Or Eight Strips,115V

Freedom Rocker BlotBot 248 Automated Blot Processor For Mini and Midi Gels Or Eight Strips,115V

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The Next Advance BlotBot Western blot processor automates the process and frees the researcher to do other tasks.

Stop babysitting your blots and throw away your lab rocker and timer and get repeatable and consistent blot results, time and again. 

The BlotBot® 248 automated blot processor can handle up to four mini, two midi sized or eight strip gels at once. 

Using your same protocols, it automates the handling of blots and gels. With microprocessor control, it provides consistent processing conditions.

The BlotBot will incubate/stain and wash your blots/gels during meetings, overnight, or even over a weekend, so your blots will be ready sooner for downstream analysis.

The Next Advance BlotBot 248 offers these simple and convenient features: 

  • Reagent dispensing (e.g. antibody) minimum volume of 2mL per blot (for strips)
  • Holds 2 midi blot (up to 8cm x 16cm), 4 mini blots (up to 8cm x 8cm) or strips
  • Individual reagent recovery
  • Intuitive user interface with color LCD display. You can view and program an entire protocol on one screen.

The Next Advance BlotBot® 240 comes with everything you need to get started, including reagent, wash buffer and waste containers.

2 year warranty.

Number of Blots:
up to 4 mini blots or up to 2 midi blots
Wash Buffers:
Buffer Volume:
Midi blot tray: 10 – 150 mL Mini blot tray: 10 – 75 mL, Strip Blot Tray - 10-35mL
Reagents per blot:
Dispense: 2 Recover: 2
Reagent volume:
up to 50 mL each
Minimum reagent per blot:
Strip: 2mL (recover 1.5mL), Mini blot: 3.5 mL (recover 3 mL) Midi blot: 7 mL (recover 6 mL)
Protocol steps:
up to 9
Washes per step:
up to 10
Rocks per minute:
5 to 40, independent rate for each step
Bench Footprint:
20.75 in (52.7 cm) width, 15.25 in (38.7 cm) depth, 16.5 in (41.9 cm) height