VITLAB 10mL PFA Plastic Class A Tolerance Volumetric Flask with Screw Caps, 2/EA

VITLAB 10mL PFA Plastic Class A Tolerance Volumetric Flask with Screw Caps, 2/EA

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VITLAB plastic PFA volumetric flasks have individually calibrated ring-markings that are easy to read, and meet Class A tolerances per DIN EN ISO 1042. High transparency simplifies meniscus verification.

VITLAB® trace analysis labware is manufactured from PFA (a perfluoroalkoxy copolymer), which is highly resistant to heat and chemical contamination and has surface properties that greatly simplify cleaning. Use this labware for excellent results in ICPMS, production and storage of trace analysis standards, isotope separations, sample digestions, and more.

With the increasing need in trace analysis labs for ultra-low concentration determinations in the ng/g (ppb) and pg/g (ppt) range, the use of PFA labware has become more and more important. Other materials, when not specially treated, may be subject to interaction between the vessel and the sample, standards or reagents it contains. This may cause incorrect results with modern trace analysis instrumentation.

All VITLAB® PFA trace analysis labware features visible, accurate, and permanent graduations for precise measuring. PFA labware is suitable for sterilization using heat, gas, and chemical methods for handling sensitive biological solutions.

Excellent temperatures stability: VITLAB® PFA trace analysis labware maintains its stability in temperatures from -200º C to 250º C (-328º F to 482º F).

No leachable metals: PFA is manufactured without metals such as calcium, aluminum, iron, magnesium, nickel, copper, manganese or zinc. These metals can leach into samples from other containers, and contaminate samples.

Why choose VITLAB PFA labware?

Simplified cleaning: Conventional labware for trace analysis requires time-consuming and expensive cleaning. The hydrophobic and anti-adhesive properties of the exceptionally smooth-surfaced PFA labware simplify the cleaning process, making it ideal for trace analysis.

Superior chemical resistance: PFA is inert with most reagents, including the nitric and hydrochloric acid routinely used in cleaning trace analysis labware. This stability significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Excellent long-term stability: PFA containers often extend the stability of low (ppb) concentration standards. Such stability reduces the time and cost of renewing trace analysis standard solutions.

Highly translucent: Translucency is important for making accurate measurements using volumetric labware.


Autoclavable at 121°C without affecting tolerances

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