Vista Lab Ovation 12 Channel Electronic Ergonomic Multichannel Pipette, 5.0-250uL

Vista Lab Ovation 12 Channel Electronic Ergonomic Multichannel Pipette, 5.0-250uL

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Ovation BioNatural Pipettes don’t look anything like traditional pipettes. If they did, they’d be as un-ergonomic as other pipettes!

This new design revolutionizes the concept of liquid transfer by specifically reducing the major stresses that cause pain and fatigue, and encourages ergonomically correct postures at every pipetting step. Ovation pipettes are easy to hold and use without over-rotation of your wrist or hand — minimizing pressure in the carpal tunnel and to the median nerve.

The non-axial “low profile” design also doesn’t require repetitive lifting or reaching with your arm—so you can work for hours without tension in the shoulder or elbow. The ergonomic result? Significantly reduced discomfort, fatigue, and injuries!

Electronic single channel Ovation pipettes are the ideal choice for anyone needing a broad menu of automated liquid handling functions. A highly-precise motor drive makes repetitive pipetting effortless, and reliably delivers the performance your applications require with un-compromised confidence.

Right and left-handed models with wide volume ranges are available to cover liquid dispensing needs from 0.5μL to 1250μL.

Merely decreasing button pressure or softening a grip doesn’t make a pipette ergonomic – it just makes it less un-ergonomic. To be “ergonomically correct”, significant changes to traditional pipetting postures are essential – like minimizing forearm and wrist rotations, keeping a low arm and elbow height, and relaxing the shoulders and upper arms.

These ergonomic postures are virtually impossible when using pipettes with elongated axial designs – and exactly why Ovation is so different from any pipette you’ve ever used!

Ovation is a whole new class of pipette – not an old design with minor improvements. Its innovative shape naturally follows the contours of the palm, and allows all pipetting steps to be performed with neutral postures, minimal muscular movements, and low hand and arm elevations.

Best of all, Ovation is the most comfortable, easy-to-use pipette you will ever experience.

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