SmartDrop X Nano Spectrophotometer With Full Spectrum Absorbance Scans And Auto-Ranging Path Length, 115V

SmartDrop X Nano Spectrophotometer With Full Spectrum Absorbance Scans And Auto-Ranging Path Length, 115V

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SmartDrop™ X Nano Spectrophotometer for BCA, Bradford, Lowry assays in addition to basic DNA/RNA and protein quantification and for checking purity of samples.

SmartDrop X is the affordable choice for laboratories needing to determine nucleic acid and protein concentrations and purity of samples. 

Samples from 0.5 to 2.0µl are loaded directly on the pedestal.

Results are provided in about 5 seconds. The software automatically calculates and displays 260/280 and 260/230ratios

A powerful benchtop spectrophotometer with built in programs for common assays

The SmartDrop™ nano spectrophotometer performs full spectrum scans from 200-800nm using its long-life Xenon lamp and linear array CCD detector. 

The path is auto-ranging with lengths of 0.2mm and 1.0mm for highly accurate results 

Detect up to 4,500ng/µl of dsDNA without dilution! 

Perform nucleic acid and protein calculations or conduct BCA, Bradford or Lowry assays using a preset program. 

Programming is simple using the full color, 7” touchscreen with icon-driven menus and preprogrammed protocols .

No external computer is required.

Collect and share data easily with a SmartDrop™ X Nano Spectrophotometer

Features a quartz pedestal onto which a drop of sample is placed. The arm is lowered and the drop is stretched into a liquid column of specified length for spectral analysis. DNA, RNA and protein concentrations and purity numbers are displayed in a matter of seconds.

The resulting data can be printed using the built in printer!

Data can also be saved in the SmartDrop’s onboard memory or exported via USB as an Excel file.

For OD600 readings, use the built in cuvette port.

Comes with two optical glass cuvettes.

See the specs tab for detailed information on upper and lower limits of detection, wavelength capabilities and OD600 detection. 

Minimum Sample Size:
Path Length:
0.2mm, 1.0mm
Light Source:
Xenon Flash Lamp
2048 Element Linear Silicon CCD Array
Absorbance Range:
0.04 - 90 A (10mm equivalent)
Absorbance Precision:
0.003 A
Lower Limit of Detection:
dsDNA: 2ng/uL: BSA: 0.1mg/mL
Upper Limit of Detection:
dsDNA: 4,500ng/uL: BSA 135mg/mL
Dimensions (W x D x H):
8.2 x 11 x 7.3 inches