Shel Lab General Purpose Low-Profile (SMI7) Digital Lab Incubator 6.5 cu ft.

Shel Lab General Purpose Low-Profile (SMI7) Digital Lab Incubator 6.5 cu ft.

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SHEL LAB general purpose incubators deliver a degree of temperature uniformity usually found only in more expensive, application specific models. This high level of performance is due to a precise microprocessor controller and a unique warm air jacket design. Triple wall construction allows heated air to circulate within an open plenum between the inner chamber and exterior walls. 

This design does not require blowers or fans within the incubator chamber where samples are susceptible to cross contamination and the drying effects of convection. Five strategically placed heating elements, including a heated outer door, ensure uniform heating, even when the incubator chamber is fully loaded.

Now featuring a gorgeous touch screen panel, this new model number is called the SLM722

The new 7 inch display provides advanced control functions. With on-screen graphing and real time data,the new SMI controller provides the highest levels of sample security and trace-ability.

More features of the new SMI incubators include:

  •     7” color display module
  •     Capacitive touchscreen usable with laboratory gloves
  •     Real time clock for logging events
  •     Door alarm
  •     On-screen data graphing
  •     4-20mA output for chart recorder or central facility recording

The perfect laboratory incubator series for: Hematological studies, microbiological determinations, pharmaceutical stability assays, general purpose incubator applications, large scale roller apparatus applications, bacterial culturing and research food processing quality control, and biochemical studies

The Shel Lab SMI7 general purpose lab incubator features a low-profile which makes it suitable for placement underneath the lab bench. 

Features include:

  • Microprocessor Control
  • Independent Overtemperature Thermostat
  • Unique Warm Air Jacket Design
  • Interior Outlet
  • Heated Outer Door
  • Viewing Door
  • Small Foot Print
  • Stainless Steel Interior
  • 24 Month Limited Warranty

Searching for an FDA approved incubator? Our Shel Lab incubators are certified and meet your rigorous demands. Please see the attached certificate here.

2 Years
6.5 cu ft
Temperature range:
Ambient:+8 to 70C
Temperature Uniformity:
+/-0.35°C at 37°C
Interior Outlet?:
Access Port?:
Exterior Dimensions WxDxH in. (cm)::
30 x 31.8 x 32.3 (76.2 x 80.7 x 82)
Interior Dimensions WxDxH in. (cm)::
23.7 x 24 x 19.7 (60.3 x 60.9 x 50.1)
Shelves (Incl and max):
2 incl. Max of 9