RoboRocker™ Lab Rocker With 6 Plate Platform And Basic Programability

RoboRocker™ Lab Rocker With 6 Plate Platform And Basic Programability

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RoboRocker™ Lab Rocker is the only laboratory rocker with programming capabilities for microfluidics, organoid growing and 3D cell culture.

RoboRocker™ can be programmed to tilt and then pause for a specified time, allowing gravity driven perfusion at the desired flow rate. 

The angle is adjustable and the rocker can be programmed to tilt one direction, pause, then tilt in the opposite direction, or tilt in a completely different direction!

The RoboRocker™ Lab Rocker can be programmed to tilt a few degrees in one direction, then tilt in a different direction at an angle greater or lesser than the first tilt. There is nothing this rocker cannot do! 

The RoboRocker™ Lab rocker is ruggedly built and can be operated safely in CO2 incubators.

This basic model features an 11.5 x 11.5 inch platform with secure slots to hold up to six microplates.

Capacity can be increased by purchasing optional stacking platforms.

The platform can be rotated to rock either right to left or front to back depending on the application requirements

The RoboRocker™ Lab Rocker has an 11lb load capacity. 

The Basic RoboRocker™ model offers these basic programming capabilities: 

Change: Speed, tilt angle and duration of pause. This model offers symmetric programming ONLY. 

For asymmetric programming, choose a Standard or Advanced Program model

Tilt Range:
+/- 30 degrees
Max Speed:
30 degrees/second
Pause Duration:
1 Second to
External Dimensions (L x W x H):
15 x 15 x 10