QuadCount Automated Cell Counter With Touch Screen Interface, 115V

QuadCount Automated Cell Counter With Touch Screen Interface, 115V

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Track the proliferation and health of mammalian cells quickly and accurately with our automated cell counter from Accuris Instruments. 

Perform a cell count in as quickly as 20 seconds per sample and eliminate this tedious routine while reducing count errors. 

The QuadCount incorporates the highest quality optical and electronic components using a 4X objective lens (compare with 2.5X on the Thermo Countess 3) and a 5MP CMOS detector to deliver reliable performance and consistent results. 

QuadCount cell counter uses a unique 4-chambered disposable slide, offering twice the capacity of standard 2-chambered slide readers like the Thermo Countess 3 and Bio-Rad TC-20.

Cells can be counted in three different modes to analyze different samples volumes: 

0.15uL/20 seconds (1 image frame) - Quick

0.9uL/30 seconds (6 image frames) - Normal

3.6uL/100 seconds (24 image frames) - Precise


The QuadCount's image recognition algorithms can accurately identify and count cells, as well as determine if they are live or dead.  Even when cells are clumped together or irregularly shaped, the QuadCount can still accurately manage the counting and live/dead determinations.


The touch screen interface is easy and intuitive to program. Following image capture, cell count parameters like gating size range, aggregation levels and live/dead definition, can be set.


View cell population statistics as a histogram and export beautiful reports as PDF documents




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4X Objective Lens
Image Detection:
5MP CMOS Sensor
Illumination Source:
Green LED (50,000 life hours)
Sample Volume:
20uL (4 samples per slide)
Max Counting Volume:
3.6uL (24 image captures)
Dynamic Range:
1 x 10-4 to 1 x 10-7 cells/mL
Cell Size Range:
6.4 x 11.5 x 8.5 inches
100VAC-240VAC, 50/60Hz