Labnet Spectrafuge 16M (C0160) Benchtop Micro-Centrifuge for 18 Microtubes

Labnet Spectrafuge 16M (C0160) Benchtop Micro-Centrifuge for 18 Microtubes

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The Labnet Spectrafuge™16M (C0160) is the perfect, high speed, compact microcentrifuge.

A brushless, maintenance free motor provides extremely fast acceleration and deceleration of the 18 place rotor and makes the Spectrafuge™ 16M the quietest microcentrifuge in its class.

Speed and time are set with the control knobs on the front panel of the unit. A quick button allows for momentary runs.

A continuous flow of ambient air through the rotor chamber keeps the rotor and samples cool.

For applications requiring sub-ambient temperatures, the Spectrafuge™ 16M can be operated in a cold room.

TheLabnet Spectrafuge™ 16M is supplied complete with an 18 place rotor for 1.5/2.0 ml tubes. Smaller tubes are accommodated by adapters (sold separately).

The optional StripSpin™ rotor adapter holds two 8 x 0.2 ml strips, typically used for thermal cycling.

Max RCF:
Can spin these tubes:
1.5/2.0 or .2mL strip tubes
Max capacity:
18 x 1.5/2.0 or 2 strip tubes
Timer Duration:
Quick spin or 1-30 min
Operating temperature:
4° to 35°C
2 Years
8.25 x 8.9 x 7.6 in/21 x 23 x 19.3 cm

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