Labnet MultiGene Optimax Thermal Cycler TC9610 For Genotyping and EndPoint PCR

Labnet MultiGene Optimax Thermal Cycler TC9610 For Genotyping and EndPoint PCR

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Designed with versatility and performance in mind, the Labnet MultiGene Optimax Thermal Cycler is the ideal PCR machine for labs that perform regular genotyping or other high-throughput PCR experiments.

The Multi-Gene Optimax has all the features you want in a PCR machine and more: fast and accurate temperature changes, program flexibility that includes temperature gradients and increments, an enhanced heated lid, and compatibility with most PCR tubes and 96-well plates.

Unlike traditional PCR thermal cyclers, which impose a pre-defined temperature gradient across the entire plate, the Labnet MultiGene Optimax Thermal Cycler allows you to select the annealing temperatures you want for better than gradient performance. 

Our unique design consists of 6 individually-controlled 4 x 4 temperature zones, clearly labelled on the heat block, that can each be set to any temperature within a 24°C range.

This allows you to quickly optimize PCR conditions or run multiple primer sets at the same time for enhanced efficiency.

The Multi-Gene Optimax machine also maximizes the yield and specificity of your product by giving you the option of temperature and time increments for touchdown PCR, amplifying long DNA templates, or other advanced operations.

This thermal cycler has the fast ramp times you expect: 5°C per second for heating and 3.5°C per second for cooling. To increase accuracy, temperature control is based on an algorithm that estimates the temperature of the sample inside the tube, rather than that of the external heat block alone. This minimizes temperature undershoot and overshoot and speeds up reaction times.

The programmable heated lid prevents evaporation and condensation, eliminating sample loss and concentration changes.

Select the lid temperature from two possible ranges (100-115°C or 60-65°C) for compatibility with both traditional PCR reactions and lower-temperature protocols such as reverse transcription. To increase consistency and minimize cross-contamination, the fully-adjustable lid ensures that pressure is applied evenly across all samples, no matter which style of PCR tubes you choose.

For your safety, the lid opens with a sliding mechanism designed to prevent accidental contact with hot surfaces.

Like all our products, this thermal cycler is simple to use, with a large LCD graphical display and easy-to-adjust preloaded PCR protocols.

The new PC Viewer feature allows you to monitor the progress and temperature profiles of your reaction from your own computer in real-time.

Perfect for large labs, the software can hold 200 stored programs and up to 50 password-protected folders to prevent other users from making undesired changes to your stored protocols.  

THREE YEAR WARRANTY - Best in the business

Programmable Temperature Range:
4°C to 99.9°C
Temperature Control:
Calculated or block
Temperature Accuracy/Uniformity:
Heating/cooling method:
Gradient temperature range:
30°C to 99°C. Temperature of 6-segment blocks can be set independently.
Maximum Temperature difference between 6-segment temperature blocks:
Programmable lid temperature:
60° to 65°C, 100° to 115°C
Program memory:
200 complete programs
Temp. increments/decrements:
Time increments/decrements:
User program folders:
50 sets
Password protected programs:
USB and RS232 ports