IsoPure 24D Automated Magnetic Bead Nucleic Acid Purification System, Purifies Up to 24 Samples At A Time, 115V

IsoPure 24D Automated Magnetic Bead Nucleic Acid Purification System, Purifies Up to 24 Samples At A Time, 115V

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Compact automated magnetic bead extraction platform with a heating block and capabilities to purify up to twenty-four nucleic acid samples at once

Who uses magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction systems? 

The IsoPure™ 24D can be used for pathogen detection, cannabis testing (Aspergillus, Salmonella,. etc.), virus detection: COVID, Flu, and others, library prep for Next Gen Sequencing, Plasmid DNA extraction and RNA, cDNA, and Genomic DNA clean up

Work with samples from 50uL up to 10000uL. Purification process can be completed between 10 to 60 minutes depending on the type of reagent kit and complexity of the program. 

Programming via Android™ App or PC Software

Set up runs using the Android™ App or PC SoftwareCreating a protocol is simple using the IsoPure app or PC software, both are included on a USB flash drive with each instrument.

Mixing speed, sample temperature, and magnetization parameters can be all be programmed. 

When using the IsoPure app on an Android device, the saved protocols can be transferred to the instrument via Bluetooth connection or by using the included barcode scanner.

The PC software can be used for programming and transferring by USB connection or barcode scanner. Free, lifetime App updates are available so users can access newly available features as they are introduced.

QR Code Scanning System

A handheld scanner is included with each IsoPure™ 24D, adding a convenient and fast method for loading a protocol onto the instrument. After creating or opening a protocol on a companion Android device or a connected PC, an option is available for displaying a QR code.  Simply scan the QR code to instantly transfer the protocol.  QR codes are also available in kit instruction manuals for instant loading of optimized programs.

Touch-Screen Control Panel

The control panel on top of the IsoPure™ 24D allows for quick selection of stored protocols and instrument control.  To execute a protocol, select it from the file list, insert a prepared sample plate (or 6-well reagent vessel) and tip combs, and press the start button.  Run parameters and operating status are displayed during sample processing.

Sample Temperature Control

Heating sample mixtures during the lysis and elution steps can significantly improve results. Heating strips on the sample platform can be precisely set to any temperature between ambient +5°C to 120°C.  Both deep well plates and 6-well reagent vessels fit into the contoured heating strips for efficient heat transfer. Two cooling fans maintain ambient temperature inside the housing and temperature of the heating strips.

Sample protection using the built-in UV sterilization

An ultraviolet sterilization lamp (UVC) inside the processing chamber provides effective elimination of most bacterial, viral and stray genomic DNA contaminants. 

This additional safeguard reduces the possibility of unwanted DNA/RNA contamination of critical samples that could be amplified downstream in a PCR detection assay.

UV sterilization time can be adjusted based on specific program requirements to ensure a sterile environment prior to purification.

Compatibility with your DNA or RNA extraction kit

The IsoPure™ 24D is compatible with all popular magnetic bead kits and uses Kingfisher combs and deep well plates when processing 24 samples, or special consumables when used for smaller scale work. 

The Benchmark/Accuris Instruments team has partnered with the leading manufacturers of magnetic bead kits to develop and optimize protocols for your specific application. 

We will work with you and their team to write the script you need.

Warranty and service

The IsoPure™ 24D comes with a two-year manufacturer warranty. Service, repairs and preventative maintenance is handled by a network of service providers depending on location. 

Warranty extensions can be purchased up to five total years.

Preventative maintenance contracts are available for purchase. Inquire for details. 

Lysis Temperature Range:
Ambient +5C to 120C
Mixing Speed:
Variable, 10 Levels
Magnetic Bead Recover Rate:
7.9 x 10.2 x 11.8 in.