IPP410eco Peltier Cooled Laboratory Incubator With Single Display, 384L, 115V

IPP410eco Peltier Cooled Laboratory Incubator With Single Display, 384L, 115V

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The Memmert IPP410eco Peltier cooled laboratory incubator is quiet, space-saving, environmentally friendly, and extremely economical. 

Offering a total of 384L of testing space and controls (TFT display) that are so easy to use, you will be wondering how you ever managed without a Memmert!

Seamlessly heat and cool with absolute precision using the new Peltier temperature control system. 

The programming interface can be set in English, German, Spanish, French, Czech and Hungarian to accommodate a wide range of lab personnel. 

Automatically restores to last program in event of power failure

ControlCOCKPIT adaptive multifunction digital PID-microprocessor controller with high-definition TFT-colour display

Heated inner glass panes with 2-point locking mechanism

Integrated over and undertemperature protection "ASF", automatically following the set-point value at a preset tolerance range, visual and audio alarm in case of over or undertemperature.

Comes with two stainless steel electropolished shelves, fourteen total shelf capacity.

Operating conditions and set up: 

The distance between the wall and the rear of the appliance must be at least 15 cm. The clearance from the ceiling must not be less than 20 cm and the side clearance from walls or nearby appliances must not be less than 5 cm.

Ambient temperature: 16 ºC to 40 ºC

Humidity rh max: 70 %, non-condensing

Altitude of installation max: 2,000 m above sea level

Temperature Range:
0°C to +70°C
Temperature Accuracy:
Working Temperature Range:
With light: 10°C to 40°C; without light: 0 (at least 20 below ambient temperature) to +70°C
Three freely selectable temperature values, 2-point calibration for humidity: 20 and 90 % rh
Ethernet LAN, USB
Interior Dimensions (W x H x D):
25.19” x 47.24” x 19.68” (less 32mm for the fan)
Exterior Dimensions (W x H x D):
32.44” x 67.717” x 25.78” (+56mm door handle)
2 Included
Maximum Loading Weight: