Ground edge, microscope slide with safety corners - white frosted - 10 gross (1440)

Ground edge, microscope slide with safety corners - white frosted - 10 gross (1440)

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Our color frosted microscope slides are offered in ten bright, attractive colors. 

This ground edge microscope slide with safety corners provide slightly clipped corners for comfortable handling and to prevent the risk of finger and hand cuts. The highly polished edges are specially angled at 45° to provide a secure grasp.

Dimensions: 25 x 75 x 1mm

Thickness: 1.1mm

Packaging: 72/Box, 20 Boxes/Case (10 Gross)

How to care for your slides:

Transportation and storage conditions considerably affect the quality and performance of microscope slides. Microscope slides should be stored in a dry place at constant room temperature. Slides should be stored on a pallet or shelf and not directly on a floor.

Do not store slides and solvents together as the slide surface can turn hydrophobic. If the temperature is constantly warming and cooling, condensation may occur, which can cause sticking of the slides. We also recommend to allow the slides to reach room temperature prior to opening the cartons and using them. Since soda lime glass is subject to an aging process, we further recommend continuously rotating stock so the oldest slides are always used first. This will ensure that all slides being used are of the highest quality.

Standard shelf life for soda lime glass microscope slides is approximately 2 years if the above transportation and storage conditions are followed.