flowbot® ONE Liquid Handling Robotic System

flowbot® ONE Liquid Handling Robotic System

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The flowbot® ONE liquid handling robot was built with the purpose of making pipetting easy.

With its intuitive user interface everyone can learn to use it in just one hour.

Use the flowbot ONE for sample preparation, serial dilutions, sample reformatting, magnetic separation, cherry picking, and other labor intensive assay preps. 


Whenever a procedure changes in your lab there are no need for complicated programming.

flowbot® ONE is a plug and play liquid handling solution with high precision and is developed for immediate adjustment.

In fact, with flowbot® ONE you can start automating your liquid handling on the day of delivery.

Customize your flowbot® ONE liquid handling robot with valuable accessories like a cooling block, heating and shaking block, magnetic deck, HEPA filter, UV sterilization, and more!

The flowbot® ONE liquid handling robot is compatible with SBS footprint 2D barcoded tubes, readers and decappers from AltemisLab

Let Stellar Scientific leverage our international partnerships to deliver a complete liquid handling solution for your lab. 

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