Motley Cool - Chill-able, all-in-one PCR workstation, 1/EA

Motley Cool - Chill-able, all-in-one PCR workstation, 1/EA

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Set the stage for successful PCR with the unique Motley Cool PCR workstation. The Motley Cool offers a convenient place for everything you might need to perform PCR:

  • Tube slots for cryovials or microtubes (up to 9)
  • Room for 96 x 0.2ul PCR tubes, or strip tubes, or an entire 96 well PCR plate
  • One 50ml reagent reservoir

Put the Motley Cool into the freezer overnight and it will keep your materials at 4C for up to five hours (depending on ambient conditions). 

No more ice mess, drippy counter-tops or accidental spills. 

The Motley Cool is so sturdy and well built, that in the event of a workflow interruption, the entire PCR platform can be transported to the freezer without disrupting any of the components.