You Don’t Need a Robot To Fill More Tubes with VTM if You Use the VistaLab ali-Q2 Electronic Repeating Pipette Aid

You Don’t Need a Robot To Fill More Tubes with VTM if You Use the VistaLab ali-Q2 Electronic Repeating Pipette Aid

The VistaLab Ovation family of ergonomic pipettes are well known for their comfort and ability to reduce or eliminate repetitive stress injuries from liquid handling.

During the COVID-19 pandemic one model has gained attention as the affordable go-to solution for quickly filling transport tubes with viral transport media.

The new second generation ali-Q electronic pipette controller was designed with this sort of high-throughput activity in mind.

Like all other electronic filling devices, the VistaLab ali-Q 2 features two pressure sensitive buttons for aspirating and dispensing liquid.

What sets the VistaLab ali-Q 2 apart is the special aliquot button for repeatedly dispensing the identical volume.

The desired volume to dispense is set using the volume selector wheel on the top back section of the VistaLab ali-Q 2. 

The acceptable accurate range is from 0.5mL to 5mL.

Using the aspirating button, the lab technician draws up a multiple of the amount they wish to dispense and visually confirms just a single time.

With each press of the purple button a precise aliquot is dispensed until the pipette has been drained.

There is a VS (variable speed) model with seven different dispensing speeds to insure no splash back and eliminate cell-shearing. 

While there are many other electronic repeating dispensers on the market, all of those require specialized “syringe tips” which are very costly, especially when sterility is required.

Use this type of repeater? The tips will siphon away profits faster than you can fill VTM. 

The VistaLab ali-Q 2 uses inexpensive polystyrene serological pipettes costing just a few pennies a piece.

When the highest precision is needed, VistaLab Wobble-Not drip-free pipettes together with the ali-Q 2 make an unbeatable duo.

Wobble-Not pipettes are now available in sterile bulk bags and individually wrapped in plastic/plastic for mess-free spraying down when used in a cell culture room and biosafety cabinet.

This short one-minute video showcases how easy it is to use the VistaLab ali-Q 2 for filling vials with transport media.

Who stands to gain the most from a VistaLab ali-Q 2 electronic pipette filler?

Companies producing a few thousand vials of viral transport media daily will see an immediate benefit in terms of speed, accuracy, and user comfort when they purchase a VistaLab ali-Q 2.

Companies producing tens of thousands of vials of viral transport media daily will most likely require the economy of scale from a larger robotic liquid handling device unless they have several staff members to dedicate solely for filling vials of transport media.

If your lab/company is looking to pivot, or has already pivoted to producing vials of transport media to support large scale RT-PCR testing for COVID-19, you will appreciate the simplicity, comfort and money saving benefits from purchasing a VistaLab ali-Q 2.

Stellar Scientific offers the entire VistaLab ali-Q 2 family of electronic pipette controllers. How can we support your VTM filling needs today?