Wonder Who Else Uses Those Nitrile Gloves You Are Wearing?

Wonder Who Else Uses Those Nitrile Gloves You Are Wearing?

We do! Of course!

Think about it.....Would you buy a Ford from a car salesman who personally drives a Ferrari?

Would you take dietary advice from a nutritionist who is severely overweight?

Have you ever asked your laboratory glove vendor if THEY use the gloves they're trying to sell you? 

Why should you believe them when they tell you they're comfortable and super-safe if they themselves don't wear them?

Our Stellar Scientific Cool Blue Nitrile gloves are equally great in the lab as they are in the home and that is how we became the brand's first superfans. 

Curious to know how well they hold a grip when wet? I can tell you they do a great job washing glassware and china because I wear them when doing the dishes. 

If you wonder how they can be both super thin and also super strong, take a look at this photo taken the other day after a grueling thirty-minute session polishing silver candlesticks. 

Lots of sharp pointy edges to navigate and no sign of puncture or even the slightest rip: 

And...this was followed up with a session of scrubbing down an oven with steel wool. No rips, no tears - just happy hands from start to finish. 

These gloves are so comfortable that every time my dad visits us in Baltimore, he brings back a few boxes for the woman who cares for my mother and has requested them by name! 

Thank you "V" for taking such good care of mom and for making it possible for us to say: "Cool Blue gloves are loved half-way across the world!"

We are so confident that you will love our Cool Blue nitrile gloves that we offer free replacement boxes should you ever receive a production lot that tears at an unacceptable rate.

And if that isnt enough to make you happy, we will give you your money back if you are not satisfied. 

Stellar Scientific's Cool Blue nitrile gloves offer laboratory safety and protection with unparalleled comfort at a price you can afford. 

Ask for a free sample today!