With This New Feature You Can Now Shop Stellar Scientific 24/7

With This New Feature You Can Now Shop Stellar Scientific 24/7

If you are already shopping for laboratory supplies online, the time will come, if it hasn't already, when you no longer need to be bound to you lab schedule to make purchases. 

Don't get us wrong. We don't mean to imply or encourage lab managers to never leave their work! We're all for balance and healthy habits. 

But when the circumstance arises when you must pull an all-nighter or you wake up at 3 AM remembering your lab just ran out of X, Y and Z; that is the moment you really appreciate the convenience of a lab supplier who runs like a Walmart Superstore.

Until now, our customers could either purchase off our website with a P-card or submit a previously made quote to their purchasing departments to generate a purchase order. 

But if they needed a new item for which they did not have a quote, it would be necessary to wait until the morning when they could contact us and request one. 

Because speed is an important part of our Stellar Service Promise, we have now added a new feature that allows shoppers to get what they need without ever having to speak with a member of our team

Hey. We love talking with you and hope you still do call, but we get how helpful this is going to be!

The new Create a Quote feature is so simple and easy to use, here is how it works: 

Shop at Stellar Scientific as you normally do and add items to your shopping cart. 

As you proceed to check out you will see a new button that gives you the option to create a quote

Clicking on this button brings up a screen that asks for your basic contact information including email and shipping address and select your shipping method. We offer free shipping on qualified purchases and numerous rate and speed options to meet your busy schedule.  

Finish this up and click SEND and your entire quote is shipped off to you as a PDF, and a copy is sent to us as well. 

This official quote can now be used by your purchasing department to contact us and get your order placed. 

You can scratch this need off your list and free your mind to get back to work. 

Even our credit card customers will appreciate this tool. The PDF contains a link that lets you re-build your entire shopping cart with a single click. Think of it as a super-charged wish list. 

You can even send us a copy of the PDF to show us what you need and ask for volume discounts. 

Stellar Scientific offers you live chat till 11PM EST and the convenience of shopping whenever you want. We're making it easier than ever to be a happy scientist! 

Now go out there and do some amazing science!