With a Laboratory Label Printer You can Organize Everything in Your Lab Including Your Cryo Storage

With a Laboratory Label Printer You can Organize Everything in Your Lab Including Your Cryo Storage

As modern research laboratories continue to evolve, so are the tools necessary for keeping track of all the work that takes place in the lab. 

Be it an electronic notebook, LIMS, inventory management software or color coded tubes and labels to name a few, it is becoming easier for the Lab Manager to stay on top of things and quickly identify what belongs to who and where to find what. 

Because laboratory personnel often speak a variety of languages, and because not everyone's penmanship can be trusted, laboratories of all kinds are turning to label printing devices to assist in keeping their lab organized and well run. 

Lab label printers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated to handle the demands of the laboratory and offer features that are in demand, such as the ability to print sequential labels and barcodes. 

Stellar Scientific offers two lab label printers, both from MTCBio, that pack a great deal of power in a compact, space saving unit 

The original LABeler™ handheld lab label printer available either battery operated only, or with rechargeable batteries, offers up to six lines of text, a robust bank of scientific symbols, sequential printing and barcode printing, all in the palm of your hand.

The LABeler™ powers up instantly and sports an easy to read LCD screen for designing and approving the text.  

Either use the built in cutter when printing short labels or snip them yourself if batch printing or sequential printing. 

Label tapes come in seven colors and sizes as narrow as 6mm to as wide as 24mm allowing you to label everything from notebooks to bins, centrifuges and freezers, drawers and pipettes - whatever it takes!

All of our laboratory label tapes retain their adhesive properties even when frozen at -50C. 

Choose one of our label tapes designed for ULT conditions and label cryovials and freezer boxes with confidence, even when storing at -196C!

We are especially excited about the newest MTCBio lab label printer, the LinkLabel™ which includes a powerful free app for mobile devices.

If you can design it, you can print it! 

Includes over 400 scientific symbols and notations. Featuring simple "pinch" editing, it takes moments to learn and seconds to begin taking charge of the lab with clear identification labels. 

In 2020 a desktop software version will be released for those labs that wish to print from their PC or Mac databases. 

Whatever you need to organize your research laboratory, Stellar Scientific has the solution. Turn to us for Lab Notebooks, labeling tape, bins, buckets, label printers and more!