Why Spend More to Buy Longhorn's PrimeStore MTM® Than a Cheaper VTM or Foreign Made ITM?

Why Spend More to Buy Longhorn's PrimeStore MTM® Than a Cheaper VTM or Foreign Made ITM?

Because if you care about delivering highly accurate results and protecting your lab personnel, this is one place where it makes sense to spend more.


Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® inactivates SARS-CoV-2 virus with 100% efficiency (See lines 284-288) while at the same time stabilizing the RNA to retain full testing sensitivity.

A viral transport media or saline keeps the virus active (alive, and therefore dangerous) which increases the risk of accidental exposure either by direct contact with the transport media or through aerosolized particles that escape the transport tube when processing the sample.

Because PrimeStore MTM® completely inactivates the SARS-CoV-2 virus, testing does not have to be done in a containment facility (Class 2-BSC) which makes it easier for more testing to be performed across the United States. 

Furthermore, because Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® completely inactivates SARS-CoV-2 virus the RNA remains stable at ambient temperatures for up to 30 days and at high temperatures for many days. 

While patient samples can be stored in Saline at room temperature for a limited amount of time, samples stored in VTM must be refrigerated immediately and remain viable up to 48 hours.

Any testing laboratory that is struggling to turn tests around quickly or has limited refrigeration space will see the immediate value in Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® inactivating transport media.


Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® is the only FDA cleared Class II device for both RNA and DNA on the market today (it was cleared in March 2018).  

It is not authorized or approved, but an actual cleared product, making Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® bullet-proof.

Almost all other VTM, UTM or ITM being sold today operates under a temporary EUA from the FDA.

With a promising vaccine from Pfizer, Moderna and others on the horizon, the emergency use authorization could be coming to an end.

When that happens, all viral transport medium covered by the EUA will be revoked and withdrawn from the market.

Validate one time with Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® and never look back.


As noted above, once a patient sample has been inserted into the Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® inactivating media the sample can be handled and stored at room temperature.

Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® is not only stable at room temperature, but even when kept at an elevated temperature of 55C (131F) less than a 1 CT loss in SARS-CoV-2 RNA occurs over 48 hours. 

Lately, Saline has become a popular and cheap choice for transporting viral RNA samples.

When the same SARS-CoV-2 sample was processed 48 hours after being stored at 38C (100.4F) the saline stored sample showed a 1000x reduction in signal compared to the Longhorn PrimeStore MTM®

Even when kept inside a hot UPS delivery vehicle on a sunny day, Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® keeps on trucking.


Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® has been validated for use on the following high-throughput platforms including: 

Roche, Abbott, Thermo-Fisher (Quant Studio, Kingfisher), Siemens, Luminex, BioRad, PSS, Promega, BioMerieux and the Cephid GeneXpert and Roche LIAT point of care platforms, as well as Thermo Fisher and Illumina sequencing platforms. 

Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® must NOT be used on any platform that includes a bleach step such as the Hologic Panther, and needs an extraction step due to its chemical composition.  


Longhorn PrimeStore MTM® is available in prefilled tubes ranging from 2mL to 5mL as well as bulk for select customers. 

Pay a little bit to get back many more times on your investment.

Proudly made in the USA