Why Or When Do I Need A Memmert Lab Incubator With Two Displays Rather Than A Single Display?

Why Or When Do I Need A Memmert Lab Incubator With Two Displays Rather Than A Single Display?

Memmert is a German manufacturer of temperature-controlled equipment for a wide range of laboratory applications.

The Memmert family includes CO2 incubators, general purpose incubators, humidity-controlled chambers, vacuum ovens, refrigerated incubators and more.

Memmert devices are distinct in their elegance, durability, and programming capabilities.

For most of the product lines made by Memmert there are two options: A standard and plus line.

Memmert standard devices feature a single digital microprocessor display while the plus line adds a second display.

What are the differences between a Memmert with a single display or a dual display?

A Memmert with single display gives the lab control over all the basic parameters which include temperature, fan speed and exhaust flap position (where applicable) and time the device is heating or cooling.

Single display Memmert devices are limited in their data storage and reproducibility capabilities, but data can be sent via Ethernet for reading and logging protocol.

Laboratories conducting routine work can save money by purchasing a Memmert with a single display.

A Memmert with dual displays broadens the range of controls to include CO2 and O2 control and relative humidity control (on appropriate devices) and illumination (turn on an interior light!).

HeatBalance feature for more exact and precise heating.

Dual display Memmert devices can change the intensity of the upper and lower heating elements depending on the application.

ATMOcontrol software is a significant upgrade

Dual display Memmert devices use the ATMOcontrol software to significantly broaden data and programming capabilities.

With ATMOcontrol the Memmert unit can be connected to a PC or laptop for remote programming and real-time data output.

Memmert devices with ATMOcontrol can be accessed remotely, either by designated members of the lab or Memmert technicians for assistance with setting up programs or troubleshooting.

Regardless of model or features, all Memmert devices offer remote alarm notifications via phone or SMS and a SetpointWAIT program which holds processing time until the desired temperature has been reached.

When is it necessary to purchase a Memmert with Dual Displays?

Memmert devices like CO2 incubators and humidity-controlled test chambers come with a dual display and ATMOcontrol features by default.

These devices are almost always used in environments where data reproducibility is required and there are too many parameters to control that one display is not sufficient.

Memmert devices like lab ovens, vacuum ovens and Peltier cooled incubators should be equipped with a dual display option where data reproducibility is desired or a necessity. 

Stellar Scientific helps customers make the right choice when purchasing a Memmert incubator, oven or testing chamber for their lab.