Why do people love our Cool Blue nitrile glove?

Gloves are one of those polarizing lab items. Either people couldn't care less what they've got on their hands ("A glove is a glove"); or, there are so many likes and tastes that the lab looks like a "Baskin Robbins" with 31 plus flavors.

Apparently, not all nitrile laboratory gloves are the same. 

Many factors go into choosing the right glove. Some are based on utility: Generally speaking, labs working with animals or highly contagious substances prefer thicker to thin. 

For others, the choice can be purely cosmetic: "We just LOVE the color!" 

Not much is understood though about the feel of the glove and the role that plays in its overall comfort. 

Depending on how the glove is finished, there can be subtle changes to what we call the "glove feel", which can dramatically alter the overall experience and how the skin reacts to the glove. 

"Glove feel" can be explained along these general lines:

RUBBERY - These gloves feel like they are made from balloons you'd buy at Party City. Think of the ubiquitous "Purple" glove as a good example. These tend to become very slick when wet and cause your hand to sweat profusely. 

PAPERY - These gloves give the impression of being difficult to stretch. The outer surface tends to feel a bit brittle to the touch, almost like there is a fine layer of powder coating them. Prolonged wearing makes the hands fatigued, and the rough finish can irritate the skin.

SILKY - These gloves feel cold to the touch even though they are at room temperature. They stretch well and mold to the hands for a better, less tiring fit. A soft finish provides a "second skin" feel and great manual dexterity. If textured, they can hold a grip when wet for confident manipulation of glassware and other small vessels. 

Judging by the exceptional feedback we receive, our Cool Blue nitrile gloves are an example of the silky finished gloved. 

Because the Cool Blue nitrile glove comes packaged 200 to a box and 2000 to a case, without increasing the size of the packaging, this means reduced shipping weight and lower fuel costs. 

Priced at just $129 per case (or $64.50 per thousand), the Cool Blue nitrile glove represents a rare value in laboratory consumables. 

Check them out for yourself today. Sized XS-XL, they are in stock and ready to serve you! 

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