Which Energy Star Rated Haier Biomedical Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Is The Best Value For My Lab?

Which Energy Star Rated Haier Biomedical Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Is The Best Value For My Lab?

It’s not even July and already requests for new laboratory freezers have been on the rise.

Laboratory freezers die for several reasons, chief among them poor preventative care and maintenance.

The most critical part of any lab freezer is the compressor. Keeping the intake filter cleared of dust and making sure the freezer is in a room that is kept cool goes a long way to extending the life of the freezer.

In spring and summer as outdoor temperatures and humidity climb, warmer ambient air rushes in every time the door is opened, and the compressor works harder to return to a safe temperature.

Older, inefficient laboratory freezers work harder to maintain temperature and many fail to complete their promised life-span.

The newer Energy Star certified laboratory freezers not only deliver cost savings from reduced consumption, an efficient systems means lower compressor stress and a longer lasting freezer.

Stellar Scientific offers Energy Star certified ultra-low temperature freezers from international refrigeration giant: Haier Biomedical.

Haier Biomedical ULT freezers are available in sizes from under the counter to 34 cubic feet and three different product families with increasingly sophisticated features. 

Here is a quick look at the Haier Biomedical family of ultra-low temperature lab freezers. 

Haier Biomedical Salvum-J lab freezers are for cost conscious laboratories

These freezers are identified by the "J" suffix in the catalog number (SKU).

Salvum-J -86°C freezers comes with a simple LED display and built in audible alarms. 

Salvum- J-series freezers feature a 4.5 hour initial pull-down time to -80°C (based on the 26cf model), low noise level of <50db, and excellent +/-5°C uniformity.

Salvum-J-series lab freezers come in sizes of 3.5, 12, 17.3, 20.5, 26, and 29 cubic feet.

All Salvum-J-series lab freezers, except for the 3.5 cubic foot, are Energy Star certified.

All Salvum-J-series lab freezers, except the 29 cubic foot, are available in 115V or 220V.

Haier Biomedical Salvum Ultimate -BPT series with variable compressor speed for fast recovery

These freezers are identified by the "-BPT" suffix in the catalog number (SKU).

Salvum Ultimate freezers utilize variable speed compressors to achieve super tight uniformity at +/-3°C.

Salvum Ultimate freezers have the lowest noise level on the market at 43.5db, and fastest pull-down at less than 3 hours for the 26 cubic foot model.

Program the Salvum Ultimate using the beautiful, full-color 10 touchscreen on the front of the freezer.

The entire Salvum Ultimate series of laboratory freezers are Energy Star certified and available in 20.5, 26, 29, and 34 cubic foot.

The 20.5 & 26 cubic foot sizes are so versatile, they can be switched from 110V to 220V by swapping out the plug ON SITE!

Haier Biomedical TwinCool dual compressor series for premium sample security:

This is the Haier Biomedical's top-of-the-line ULT freezer offering the best sample security.

Twin Cool freezers use dual core auto-cascade compressors that can operate independently.

Should one compressor fail, the freezer will maintain -80°C on a single compressor indefinitely.

Twin Cool freezers include on-board inventory management to help reduce standing in front of an open freezer, searching for samples. 

Of course, all TwinCool freezers are Energy Star certified and offer blazing fast pull-down times: 

The 26 cubic foot model can reach -80C from room temperature in only 3 hours.

Need a laboratory freezer quickly? 

Because lab freezers are notorious for expiring at the wrong time, Haier Biomedical stocks their ultra-low temperature freezers in Miami, Florida. 

Turnaround time can be as short as forty-eight hours from when the order is placed.

If your ultra-low temperature freezer is starting to make funny sounds, Stellar Scientific is ready for Haier.