​Where To Buy Science Supplies?

​Where To Buy Science Supplies?

How Shopping for Laboratory Needs has Changed  

Supply shopping for research and other professional applications requires careful consideration. It’s becoming increasingly common to grab household items from an unknown internet seller, but you shouldn’t cut corners with science supplies.

If you're not shopping for a home science hobby, why shop where hobbyists do?

Science Supplies for Real-World Scientists

Truth be told, scientists aren’t relying exclusively on catalogs and representatives anymore to buy supplies. How come?

Sellers are becoming increasingly difficult to navigate as the number of products available expands, and the post-pandemic world is so accustomed to the internet that there is nothing unusual about browsing the web for science supplies.

Life finds a way, but most of us prefer to play by the rules! You can get anything online, and you want the best deal you can find.

Why Not Buy from an Independent Seller?

Many websites use third party review systems to collect responses, which poses a potential security risk to you should you use it.

When you buy from online sources, you not only risk purchasing faulty lab supplies, but you also risk sharing sensitive data with an unverified seller.

You also have to worry about your products being handled and shipped incorrectly, and seller claims that can no longer be verified, such as whether or not the product is sterile packed. Some don’t even have warranties or return policies.

Sellers that you find in the wild cannot provide the same customer support if your order is broken, not working, or needs troubleshooting.

And let’s just suppose the seller is not familiar with the product you are looking for, or even fraudulent. You might end up spending money on a counterfeit product, which is not a good investment of your resources.

What Makes Stellar Scientific the Best Choice for Buying Science Supplies?

Stellar Scientific offers the option of chatting online with a representative so you can cross reference supplies that you already use in the laboratory. We believe we can offer you a better deal!

The best part is, you aren’t stuck waiting on us to show you things you might want for your lab. You can come to us and ask questions and expect a reply in just minutes.

All of our products come with their own product review section where customers leave feedback on their experience. Our products are guaranteed.

We are knowledgeable about science supplies and equipment, and we handle and ship everything according to manufacturer instructions so you don’t receive anything that’s in less than pristine shape.

On top of all of that, we regularly showcase new items and provide informative pieces like this blog post that are meant to help you think about your laboratory’s needs and guide you to new products that help you out at your job.

Discover New Products and Features from the Comfort of Your Computer

Stellar Scientific carries science supplies for every kind of bench lab under the sun. Take a look at some of the laboratory essentials we currently feature below and learn about why they’re some of the most respected.

Conical Tubes with Temperature Indicators and Reusable Racks

Our 50mL Mac-G™ Conical Centrifuge Tubes feature a color changing temperature indicator that turns blue at 0°C, can handle speeds of up to 20,000xg, and are guaranteed sterile and RNASE/DNASE free out of the package.

Another great feature these conicals have is that they come packaged into reusable, freezable, storage racks. There are 20 racks of 25 tubes per case.

TeepaKal™ LTS Pipette Tips

Does your lab use pipettes for small volume liquid measurements? Browse our full selection of TeepaKal™ LTS Tips with filter and no-filter options designed specifically for careful measurement of liquids in the laboratory.

TeepaKal™ LTS Tips are made of 100% polypropylene for durability during use with chemicals, and are packed RNASE and DNASE free.

The box is made from post-consumer materials, making it a greener option for labs that are concerned with environmental impact, and we offer them in convenient bulk sizes that are cost-effective.

Find any of the science supplies you need with Stellar Scientific

Don’t see what you need here? Mosey over to our contact us page and send us an e-mail, call or fax us, or chat with an agent online in minutes. We like to make the process of shopping for scientific supplies for your lab convenient for you.