​What Makes This Laboratory Glassware Great?

​What Makes This Laboratory Glassware Great?

Let’s be honest. Laboratory glassware isn’t one of those innovative products known for a steady release of new and exciting features.

Most laboratory glassware is made from heat and chemical resistant borosilicate glass, features painted on graduation lines and a boldly printed indication of the volume it will contain.

You can dress up laboratory glassware with pretty photos, but at the end of the day, it’s all pretty much the same thing.

Our glassware partner, Globe Scientific, chose two valuable ways to distinguish their Globe Glass laboratory glassware from the competition.

Lab glassware with a higher level of accuracy

Any kind of container used for storing laboratory liquids must be accurate, so the correct amounts are used when preparing reagents, buffers or other formulations.

Lab ware like glass beakers, glass graduated cylinders and glass volumetric flasks are typically divided into two groups based on their tolerance for imprecision.

Class A glassware features traceable serial numbers and comes with certification that states the exact figure of acceptable deviation; a very small amount depending on the overall volume.

Class B glassware is designed for measurements that can be less precise and permits a tolerance double that of Class A glassware.

While some laboratory glassware adheres to ISO (International Organization for Standardization) standards, Globe Glass follows the more rigorous ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials).

Each product in the Globe Glass family identifies the specific ASTM standards per that line.

So, glass beakers follow ASTM E960 standards; glass graduated cylinders follow ASTM E1272 standards, and media bottles are approved for ASTM E438.

Securely packaged lab glassware to prevent breakage

It’s frustrating receiving a delivery of laboratory glassware and discovering some or all the contents are shattered.

Its also a health hazard picking through the broken shards to salvage intact glassware.

Globe Glass comes packaged in specially designed Glass Guard boxes made of multiple layers of cardboard and cushioning.

Glass Guard boxes significantly reduce the incidence of breakage which means less downtime and zero hassle obtaining replacements.

Globe Glass lab glassware items are sold in small quantities too.

When searching for dependable laboratory glassware, let Stellar Scientific introduce you to Globe Glass.