Verify A Multichannel Pipette Or Robotic Liquid Handler In Seconds With This Inexpensive Pipette Checking Tool

Verify A Multichannel Pipette Or Robotic Liquid Handler In Seconds With This Inexpensive Pipette Checking Tool

Accuracy and reproducibility are two key measurements of any scientific study or test.

Laboratories go to great lengths to train their personnel in proper pipetting techniques to reduce or eliminate errors that can damage faith and trust in their research or results.

Robotic, or automated liquid handlers improve accuracy by taking away manual liquid delivery for more reliable performance of routine activities. 

However, even the best trained lab technician or the most reliable robotic liquid handler needs to verify from time to time that their mechanical pipettes or robotic pipettes have not drifted out of precise calibration from normal use. 

Verification of a pipette has historically been a time-consuming activity which requires purchasing costly pieces of equipment and additional layers of training and skill to conduct and read the verification.

The new CheckIt Go from Next Advance is a low-cost, welcome addition to any laboratory that needs to regularly verify their pipette calibration quickly and easily.

Next Advance CheckIt Go pipette verification tools comes in packages of six cassettes.

Each cassette is pre-printed to measure either 5uL, 10uL, 20uL or 50uL.

Included in each CheckIt Go box is a vial of red dye. Aspirate the dye and dispense into the wells on the flip tab of the cartridge then flip up the tab (or let the robot flip the tab if there is a paddle for doing so).

The dye will rapidly travel up a series of 8 capillary channels. Compare the level of the dye to the printed graduations to obtain an accurate reading of the volume dispensed.

The Checkit Go limits evaporation to negligible levels because the dispensed droplets are mostly encased in glass tubes within seconds. Measurements are guaranteed to be accurate to within 2% and typically better than 1%.

This short video demonstrates proper use of a CheckIt Go with a robotic liquid handler.

The CheckIt Go pipette verification tool can be used to validate up to 8 channels at a time with no special modification.

The CheckIt Go works with all major brands of multi-channel pipettes.

Our mission at Stellar Scientific is making lab work simpler, more colorful and fun!

The CheckIt Go pipette verification tool from Next Advance hits a home-run and touches all the bases.