These Comfortable And Ergonomic Laboratory Chairs Will Make Your Lab an Enjoyable Place to Work

These Comfortable And Ergonomic Laboratory Chairs Will Make Your Lab an Enjoyable Place to Work

What qualities make a laboratory chair exceptional and inviting? 

The lab chair cushions should be made from durable, yet soft material that is comfortable to the touch with padding that is contoured to offer excellent support and easy to get in and out of. 

The lab chair frame and piston should be rigid and strong enough to support different body sizes and shapes, and the height of the lab chair should be adjustable so people of different leg-length can perch their feet comfortably, either on the floor or on an attached foot-ring.

The lab chair should be easy to move around the laboratory, either on rolling casters or smooth bell-glides, and those casters must instantly retract when weight it applied to the lab chair to prevent slipping out from under the user.

The lab chair should come in different sizes to accommodate desk level and bench height work, and should offer optional features like adjustable arms and power tilt for when precise stillness is needed. 

Finally, The lab chair should come in warm and welcoming colors in addition to drab and boring, black. 

The laboratory chairs we offer at Stellar Scientific meet and exceed all expectations for comfort and durability, and just wait till you see what they can do to brighten up the lab!

Each Stellar Scientific lab chair comes with a five year warranty protecting the upholstery and a lifetime warranty on the piston. 

Our lab chairs can be completely customized using our "build a chair" app. 

Choose a closed-cell polyurethane chair in black or metallic blue, or one of our vinyl chairs in more colors than you thought possible. 

The eight standard colors are: Black, Burgundy, Charcoal, Colonial Blue, Dove, Imperial Blue, Adobe White and Orange Kist: 

For the bold and daring we have colors like Granny Smith Apple, Chestnut, Ruby Red and Space Blue; and dozens more!

Besides making the lab look more beautiful, colorful chairs are a great way to segregate work-flow into specific zones. 

Equip all your PCR personnel with one color chair; cell culture rooms with another, and flow cytometry yet another. 

Different colors let people know they are moving into a different zone of work and to prepare themselves accordingly with the correct personal protection.

We even offer a premium level vinyl fabric that is impregnated with silver ions for anti-microbial protection. 

Whether you are upgrading your lab or opening a new lab, your laboratory technicians will appreciate the commitment to comfort with a Stellar Scientific lab chair. 

Five minutes is all it takes to design your own custom lab chair and get a quote. See for yourself how easy it is to make your lab a better workplace.