The affordable (and incredibly popular) Smart Doc gel imaging system for eveyone

The affordable (and incredibly popular) Smart Doc gel imaging system for eveyone

A well-known rule of thumb among educators is: “If you cannot break down a concept and explain it to an elementary school child, you probably do not understand it that well yourself.”

The tendency to complicate things is often done with the best of intentions, but does not always result in a better product.

KISS Keep is Simple, Stupid is clearly the hallmark of the Benchmark Smart Doc Gel viewing system. 

When it comes to routine viewing of DNA gels, you cannot find a more economical or practical solution.

The Benchmark Smart Doc gel viewer is a portable dark-room hood that sits atop any transilluminator (optional blocking mat is required for large illuminators) and utilizes the built-in camera found in all smart phones and tablets to take high quality images.

The camera sits atop an adjustable platform that makes taking razor-sharp images a breeze. Photos can be analyzed using free, downloadable software.

The Smart Doc can be purchased as a stand-alone hood, or with built in blue LED lights for use with SYBR Safe and other safe dyes.

There is also a  Smart Blue transilluminator designed to fit the Smart Doc system perfectly.

Don’t be fooled by the simple design or low price. 

While the Smart Doc is within reach of every high-school lab, it is a research lab “champ” too.

Check out this wonderful review we just received from a partner:

“We received the SmartDoc, blue light transilluminator, and 535 nm narrow bandpass filter a few weeks ago. The setup was very easy, and the image quality taken with my iPhone 6 was right on par with images I've taken using alternative and more expensive imaging equipment. Additionally, I can upload images directly to the Dropbox account shared between myself and the members of my lab using my phone, thereby eliminating the need for a computer dedicated solely to imaging gels. Finally, this will be an excellent teaching tool for undergraduate students who learning about nucleic acids and the principles of electrophoresis.”

If you are looking for an affordable tool for your gel documentation, then the Benchmark Smart Doc is right for you.