Stellar Scientific "Shines" at U of Penn Post-Doc Vendor Show

Stellar Scientific "Shines" at U of Penn Post-Doc Vendor Show


We are still flying from our first ever table show that was held this past week at the U of Penn. This show was put on by the Post-Docs in support of their program, and was professionally run and a great experience. 

To be noticed in any business, the key is explaining to your "customer" what makes you different. How do you stand apart from the competition and why should they leave their current supplier to work with you? 

Creativity, an eye for the unique and different, and of course, our hallmark Stellar Service Pledge are just some of the ways we answer these questions. 

Instead of loading up our table with an explosion of products, we selected just three items that we felt capture our approach to doing business. Judging by the reaction to those who stopped by (we lost track of all the ooohs and ahhhs), I think we exceeded our own expectations. 

Many labs are engaged in protein purification, ELISA or Western blots and one of the chief complaints we have been hearing was the extra steps needed to keep those 1.5mL tubes from popping open when heated. 

The Deadbolt tube has garnered three five-star reviews on our site and really delivers on its promise as a genuine boil-proof tube. These were handed out by the hundreds. 

PCR is another popular lab activity and we've been wondering for a while: "where do you put those tubes or strips when you are done with them or while you are working on your samples?"

We revealed the "Bitty Box" - the first cardboard freezer box designed to fit up to eight strip tubes. The response was amazing!

Finally, we simply had to showcase our ZERO barrier tip. This was accented with a poster that noted "This tip eats our competitor's tips for lunch" and invited viewers to ask for a demo. 

Take a look at at our table and the unique set up. Mrs. Debbie Lowenstein brought her artistic eye (and some amazing monogrammed cookies) to help spice things up. 

Looking forward to the next exciting event. Can't wait to see you there!