​Shopping for Science Supplies Online

​Shopping for Science Supplies Online

Scared to Shop Online for Science Supplies? Here's Why You Should Reconsider

Although we live in a digital era, shopping for science supplies online can be a daunting task for a lot of folks. That’s reasonable. The internet leads to a lot of shady places.

However, plenty of verified suppliers have permanent online catalogs meant to provide greater convenience to lab personnel who don’t have the luxury of delaying a purchase.

Stellar Scientific is one of them, and we’d like to walk you through why it’s time to start purchasing some of your laboratory essentials online.

So don’t wait until the next time you hear from a sales rep! Use this handy guide for the confidence and motivation you’ve been needing to take charge of your orders.

The Pros and Cons of Buying from Reps

For those who have been ordering for labs for a while, the comfort and familiarity of speaking with a sales representative is appealing.

But what it comes down to in our post-pandemic, globalized society is that there’s not a lot of time for in-person interactions, and you can’t always wait to order supplies.

That doesn’t mean you have to change everything about how you shop for supplies. On the contrary, it’s easy to integrate your work with sales reps into your online experience.

Obviously one of the big perks of the online experience is having freedom, but does that make you feel powerful, or do you feel a little lost?

Stellar Scientific gives you the option of consulting an agent online or over the phone to discuss items that you purchase regularly through other sources.

Online vs. Physical Catalogs

Why buy online though when you have physical catalogs you can shop for goods with?

The answer is simple… physical catalogs don’t offer nearly as much convenience or flexibility.

They arrive when they are timed to, don’t include all of the available products, and you cannot search them as easily or filter your results.

This makes shopping in a physical catalog a much more cumbersome process than shopping with an online supplier.

Comparison Shopping

Comparison shopping for science supplies online is exponentially easier than in person shopping. You can search for a specific item and see so many different places to buy it.

At Stellar, we like to simplify things for you even more. We carry in house lines of discounted consumables.

We’ll help you figure out if you are getting the best deals from your current supplier. No need to go anywhere else! You can get all of it into one order.

Why Start Buying Online?

  • No need to wait for a scheduled visit from a rep.
  • It’s easier to search for specific items than in a physical catalog.
  • Comparison shopping is easier.
  • It’s still possible to consult a live human for help!

Safety and Security

If you’re new to online shopping, you might be concerned about credit card fraud and identity theft.

Unlike independent sellers, Stellar Scientific is a verified supplier with high standards for what kind of information we collect and share.

Your information is private and all of your purchases are made directly through our website.

We are careful about the quality of our items too. Nothing will ever be shipped to you broken, packaged incorrectly, or expired.

Real Time Assistance Whenever You Need It

The great thing about shopping for science supplies online is that there are no limits to when or where you can start thinking about your next order.

You can search our catalog on bus, train, the comfort of your home, etc! Anywhere you have the internet is fair game.

The Stellar Scientific website has a search feature, category trees to navigate supplies, and a chat where help is available six days per week.

Best of all, you can still talk to a living person if you want to. Our contact us page contains a phone number you can reach us by any time during our business hours.