Reliable RT-PCR Testing Starts with a High-Quality Nasal or Oral Swab for Sample Collection

Reliable RT-PCR Testing Starts with a High-Quality Nasal or Oral Swab for Sample Collection

Using a high-quality nasal or oral swab is key to performing a reliable RT-PCR test for COVID-19.

Samples collected from patients first undergo a process called reverse transcription which converts any present viral RNA into a strand of DNA.

This new SARS-CoV-2 DNA is tagged with a fluorescent marker and amplified in a thermal cycler, which rapidly multiplies the DNA strand over many cycles and causes the fluorescent marker to become brighter.

If a patient is infected with SARS-CoV-2, the thermal cycler detects the fluorescent signal.

As with any good recipe, starting with better ingredients increases the likelihood of a positive outcome.

With RT-PCR testing, the more sample collected, the more starting material there is to amplify.

The FDA recommends a nasopharyngeal swab with a flocked head like this :

Our nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs from NEST Scientific are both super absorbent and completely release their contents to deliver the maximum sample for RT-PCR testing.

Take a look:

Our NEST Scientific nasal and oral swabs are 150mm in total length for comfortable handling and good control.

NEST Scientific nasal swabs feature a single breakpoint at 80mm while the oral swabs have two breakpoints, at 32mm and 80mm.

NEST Scientific swabs are individually wrapped and certified sterile for two years from the date of manufacture.

NEST Scientific nasal and oral swabs can be purchased alone, in cases of 5000, or as part of a COVID-19 test kit that includes either a 5mL or 10mL vial, your choice of  VTM (Viral Transport Media) or ITM (Inactivation Transport Medium) and one swab per kit.

And let us not forget a nasal swab should be gentle and comfortable for the patient!

Stellar Scientific and NEST Scientific can supply your testing center with swabs, transport media and transport tubes in high-volume at a very reasonable price.

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