Protect Your Drosophila From Temperature Fluctuations With a Shel Lab Peltier Cooled Drosophila Incubator

Protect Your Drosophila From Temperature Fluctuations With a Shel Lab Peltier Cooled Drosophila Incubator

Sharing 60% of human DNA, Drosophila fruit flies have produced breakthrough discoveries in neuroscience that deepen our understanding of illnesses like Alzheimers, Downs Syndrome, Autism and more.

In fact, no less than five Nobel Prizes have been awarded for research done on the humble Drosophila Fruit Fly.

To raise and breed Drosophila a lab requires a specialized refrigerated incubator with different capabilities than what might be found in a BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) refrigerated incubator in order to protect, both the fruit flies from temperature fluctuations, and the refrigeration coils from a corrosive by product emitted by the Drosophila.

An example of the perfect incubator for raising Drosophila are the Peltier Cooled SRIPF family of incubators from Sheldon Manufacturing (Shel Lab). 

We've written before about the differences between compressor based and Peltier cooled refrigerated incubators explaining the technologies and how they differ in terms of range of cooling. 

Because the optimum temperature range for Drosophila is between 19-21C, a Peltier cooled incubator actually is the best solution for the following reasons:  

The solid-state refrigeration and heating technology allow for continual use of the incubator without the need for defrosting or cycling a motorized compressor, and so samples do not experience wavering temperatures during operation. 

The lack of any refrigeration coils or compressed gasses make these incubators more reliable and easier/cheaper to maintain and service, more environmentally friendly, and more electrically-efficient than traditional drosophila incubators, using about 78% LESS energy than a compressor-cooled incubator. 

The solid door with programmable day/night lighting conditions helps to maintain diurnal continuity even if someone turns the lights on in your lab at night (such as janitorial services) so your samples are not disrupted in the middle of the night.

With two available sizes, the 6 cu foot SRI6PF and the 19 cu foot SRI20PF, Shel Lab and Stellar Scientific offer a Drosophila incubator for most laboratory budgets and floor plans. 

Give us a call 410-764-2225 to discuss your Drosophila incubator needs and you'll soon be on your way to making the next great discovery!