Our Best Selling Shaking Incubators Are Now Better Than Ever

Our Best Selling Shaking Incubators Are Now Better Than Ever

The Incushaker family of laboratory shaking incubators from Benchmark Scientific are the essence of form and function in perfect harmony.  

Sporting a trendy blue Plexiglas cover, Benchmark Scientific shaking incubators add a smart look that will freshen up even the dullest lab decor. 


Featuring the patented Mag-clamp magnetic platform and clamp system, there is almost no other purchase we can recommend that will bring showers of gratitude upon the fortunate lab manager who secures one for their lab mates. 

Time and again we've seen traditional minded labs overcome their skepticism and become the most fervent fans of the Benchmark Scientific shaking incubators. 

Yes - the clamps really do stay in place even when orbiting at 300 rpms!

Yes - the temperature increase is no more than what occurs in an old-fashioned shaking incubator

Yes - you really can throw away your screw-driver and never ever have to worry about losing or stripping screws and not being able to operate the shaker correctly. 

The design team at Benchmark Scientific set out to improve the user experience and make the Incushaker family of shaking incubators the most elegant and simplest laboratory shaker on the market. 

Now featuring easy-to-use vivid color touch-screen control!


From a single "basic" panel, the end-user can quickly set up temperature, orbital speed and duration. 

Want more control over your parameters and want to program a protocol that changes temperature and speed over time? 

Select the temperature and shaker view screens for fine-tuning. 

Currently the new touch-screen system is available for the benchtop sized Incushaker Mini and the larger Incushaker 10L

The refrigerated Benchmark Scientific 10LR will be the last of the family to sport this new look and complete the series. 

And while we're praising the ease and convenience of the Benchmark Scientific Incushaker, this photo answers the burning question: "Where do I store my magnetic clamps when I am not using them?" 


Simple, convenient and elegant, you really cannot find a better shaking incubator for your lab than a Benchmark Scientific Incushaker. 

Trust us. Your lab mates will THANK YOU!