Look what we did to organize this lab freezer. We can do the same for you.

Look what we did to organize this lab freezer. We can do the same for you.


You just purchased a new ultra-low temperature freezer for your lab!

Probably the last thing you want to think about is spending another thousand dollars (or more) on your cryo-storage purchasing freezer racks. 

That would be understandable, but also a very big mistake. 

An organized freezer isnt just about aesthetics; it is a key to protecting your precious research. 

Keeping the door of an ultra-low temperature freezer open for just a few minutes allows the interior temperature to climb, and it can take hours to recover. 

Imagine if your team could know exactly where to look before opening the freezer door? How much better would it be if people could locate their samples or reagents in seconds and not minutes? 

Here is the freezer of a customer we helped who was looking for an efficient way to catalog and organize a library of several thousand samples: 

Nice, right? 

Here were a few considerations that went into selecting the correct freezer rack for their needs. 

The lab was storing their samples in 2mL sized tubes/vials in standard two-inch-high cardboard freezer boxes. 

Because the space surrounding the location of this freezer was limited, they knew they could not work with a metal freezer rack that had slots on the sides for inserting each box, like this

This rack must be fully extracted in order to reach the boxes in the back row; not very efficient when time is of the essence. 

The remaining choices were either a library card-catalog type freezer rack with a fully enclosed drawer, like this: 

Or a more primitive, open shelf style sliding freezer rack like this

Both of these options allow the lab technician to slide out an entire shelf at a time without having to remove the rack from the interior of the freezer. 

Ultimately, the decision came down to what was the best fit for their personnel, since a large number of people were going to have access to this freezer. 

The full-drawer freezer racks are made with a lot of metal and very heavy, so they decided to select the simple sliding racks which could be used by even people with very slight builds.

Just one of many very happy and satisfied Stellar Scientific freezer rack customers. 

Let our team help get your freezer into shape!