iTubes – the untold background story

iTubes – the untold background story

One of the ways we add value to the world of research is by identifying products that enhance the lab experience by adding fresh color, fun or increased productivity.

We were extremely excited when we learned of a new product that promised the opportunity to achieve all three of these advantages.

Our centrifuge tube manufacturer let us know they would be releasing a new series of 15 and 50mL conical tubes with multi-colored caps.

Bright color!

Fun colors!

Easy to organize and color-code!

Hooray! What a home-run!

A product with this much promise deserves a name that really delivers.

The manufacturer had settled on SpectraTubes, a good solid name but lacking in zing that would catch people’s attention and make them laugh or wonder: “What on earth?”

So we decided not to rush them out until we had more time to mull it over.

Weeks went by with no spark. 

And then, as the release date drew near, a new series of photos was sent out. 

One look at this:

and what came to mind was this!

But would anybody remember the good old iMac days?

Maybe, but they for sure know about iphones and ipods….and itunes and......BINGO!

iTubes was born. 

Lined up in delicious rows, we think there is a strong resemblance to one of the last ipod nano ads. What do you think? 

We think you are going to EAT THEM UP!