How to Keep Your Lab Consumables in Stock

How to Keep Your Lab Consumables in Stock

Controlling your inventory of lab consumables is tricky business. You can't afford to get caught short on necessary items, but you also can't afford to be overstocked. Use these helpful tips to keep stock of lab supplies at the proper level.

Creating an Efficient Inventory System

  • You can't move forward until you know where you are. Take an accurate inventory of your current lab supplies, whether it's electronic or "old school" with paper and pencil.

  • Carefully review current ordering rates vs. actual usage. Do some products run out too quickly while others sit past their expiration date? Will upcoming projects require different supplies? Storage space equals money, so make sure each item justifies its spot.

  • Improve efficiency by arranging inventory in a way that makes sense. Group like items based on criteria such as frequency of use and expiration date. Again, you have the option of tracking electronically, such as with a barcode system, or manually with a posted spreadsheet.

  • Once you have a handle on current inventory and usage requirements, talk to your supplier about bulk discounts, automatic reordering and other methods to simplify your restocking system.

  • Hold a team meeting to assign specific inventory roles and make sure that everyone understands the objectives.

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