​How to Find the Best Science Supplies for Your Research

​How to Find the Best Science Supplies for Your Research

Shopping Online Doesn't have to be Scary  

The biggest thing that sets science supplies apart from everyday household items are their high standards for accuracy and precision.

A quick refresher of what these terms refer to may be necessary to understand what is actually at the heart of selecting tools for your laboratory.

Accuracy- the proximity of a measurement to a universal standard for that measurement

Precision- the number of decimal places that one can estimate for a particular measurement.

Good science supplies follow ASTM standards, guidelines set and agreed upon by a team of experts within the relevant field.

They adhere to quality control standards that make them more appropriate for use in the laboratory than other products.

In this article we’ll compare and contrast examples of prime choice science supplies in a couple of the common labware categories.

Importance of Choosing the Right Science Supplies

Assessing Quality and Efficiency

When it comes to glass consumables and items made for measuring, ASTM standards are used to illustrate when a product is or isn’t ideal for sensitive work.

Glassware needs these guidelines because cheap glass can be impure, weak, and prone to adsorbing potential contaminants.

Machinery, plastics, and handling devices must also follow similar guidelines because they need to be able to make accurate measurements and meet safety requirements.

Some examples of laboratory ware that falls into a defined ASTM category includes serological pipettes, pipettors, centrifuge tubes, and conical flasks.

Labware that does not have its own ASTM standard specification should still be able to meet certain expectations before being used in a laboratory context.

What Makes a Good Quality Lab Item?

Evaluating Tools for Laboratory Efficiency

Features to Look for:

  • Sterile-packed
  • Thermal and chemical resistant
  • RNASE and DNASE free
  • Leak resistant
  • Graduated


#1 Shopping rule of thumb: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Buying the most expensive laboratory supplies will not make your work any better. Choose items with features that you need and save for a rainy day.

Bulk and generic items are just as good if you don’t need any of the extra features you are paying for with the name brand items.

Strategies for Budget Management in Labs

Balancing Quality with Cost

Is your work just not measuring up to your standards? Start keeping track of lot numbers and laboratory hygiene when you order supplies.

Sometimes it is not the brand, the experimental design, or the features of the tools you are using. Lot variation and sloppiness can explain most struggles.

Choose generic and bulk consumables wherever cutting cost is an option. You will find that most items come sterile packed and free of possible contaminants already.

Equipment that gets reused often and laboratory surfaces, airflow, and water are the most common sources of contamination.

Eco-Friendly Choices for Lab Supplies

Benefits of Choosing Environmentally Safe Products

Environmentally friendly lab choices were once unheard of, but as our culture becomes increasingly concerned with sustainability, there are more options.

Laboratory plastics are recyclable and in many cases, autoclavable. Consider reusing containers when possible and implement a recycling program in the lab.

If it’s not a biohazard or toxic, it can be recycled after use.

And if you aren’t worried about things like metals and other contaminants carrying over, you can autoclave it and use it again.

In addition to all of that, eco-friendly products are now available, like these centrifuge tubes in reusable racks.

A Stellar Selection of Laboratory Consumables

Centrifuge Tubes and Liquid Handling Tools

Stellar Scientific carries high quality laboratory consumables for every occasion.

We like to stay on top of all the latest advancements, so we add new products when we see something special.

Browse our entire catalog of lab consumables for all of the containers, tips, and organizers you could possibly hope for.

Our centrifuge tubes and serological pipettes are always top notch.

You may notice that we try to include more items that are packages in cardboard and reusable containers. We like finding sustainable solutions for our customers.

Shopping for your lab takes some thought, but it shouldn’t be a nightmare.

If you have any requests, recommendations, or questions about our products, please reach out to us through our contact us page!



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