How to Choose the "Right" Benchtop Centrifuge for Your Clinical Lab

How to Choose the "Right" Benchtop Centrifuge for Your Clinical Lab

Do you need a new centrifuge but you're having a hard time finding available space in your lab? There are a number of great benchtop models that let you preserve valuable floor space without sacrificing versatility.

Just as with floor-standing centrifuges, your lab's workflow and applications will guide your choice of a benchtop centrifuge. Use this information as a guideline when consulting with your lab equipment supplier.

Selecting a Benchtop Centrifuge

Once you have focused in on the specific needs for your lab, there are five main styles of benchtop centrifuges to choose from that have their own set of benefits.

  • As the name implies, general-purpose benchtop centrifuges are the most commonly used style. Thanks to a wide range of rotors, volumes and speeds, these units can accommodate several different protocols.
  • Micro centrifuges are created for micro volume applications such as DNA and RNA work.
  • Clinical benchtop centrifuges are well-suited for hospitals and clinics that are working with blood and urine samples that require lower speeds
  • High-speed benchtop centrifuges come closest to providing the g-forces of a floor-standing centrifuge.

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