How to be deliciously different

One of my favorite observations from marketing thought-leader Seth Godin, is the simple point that being remarkable means: "Doing something in a way that people will notice and comment (or remark) about." 

There is a way to do things that falls in lock-step with what is expected, and then there is a remarkable way. Or, as we like to label it: "a Stellar way."

This section is usually focused on products and how-tos, but every now and then we like to talk about our company and what its like to be a part of this team. 

Here are a few examples how to measure if you are remarkable (Stellar), or just like everyone else

It is ordinary to take twenty-four hours or more to respond to an email - 

It is Stellar to reply within thirty minutes

It is ordinary to discover an item is on backorder and notify the customer about the situation - 

It is Stellar to offer to cancel the order, or work tirelessly to uncover alternatives

It is ordinary for a sales person to promote the same tired repertoire of products (in our case: tips, tubes, gloves, etc.) -

It is Stellar to search out unique items that solve problems and enhance the end-user's work experience

It is ordinary for a sales rep to drag their wares in bins that look like they are on their way to a repair job

It is Stellar to use surprisingly unorthodox methods to make people stop, look and think...and laugh!

For example: 

Who can resist a smile when seeing this rolling towards them?

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary isn't so vast. It takes time, thought, joy and a genuine care for others. 

If you have the choice, why be anything else?