Here is your chance to cut your pipette tip HALF!

We're not talking about saving you a few dollars per rack. This revolutionary promotion will empower you to save $10, $20 or more per pack (960 tips) and potentially, hundreds of dollars off your standard stocking-up order. 


Take a moment to review this document which details the simple rules for participation. You can download and print out for reading at a more convenient time. 

Please note that this is a two page document that was designed for publication. When you first open, it will display just the front and back page where you can find the rules.

Be sure to open up the middle two-page spread that lists the items which qualify for the promotion. Most items contain hotlinks that will take you to the product webpage where you can learn more. 

There are links to other "suggested" publications of interest, you do not need to click on those. 

Our Trident tips are compatible with most "universal fit" pipettors, and not recommended for those using the Rainin LTS system. 

Want to test them out before you buy? Just send an email to and we will drop off a rack or put one in the mail to you right away.