Give a warm welcome to our Summer intern!

It has been an exciting period of expansion for us at Stellar Scientific. 

One of the challenges that many small businesses face, is dealing with the pressures that come with explosive growth. 

When you cross that threshold where pen and paper no longer do for keeping track of what had once been a fairly slow day-to-day series of events, its time to call in some help!

And help has come in the form of a wonderful Summer intern. Lauren Lasson is a Sophomore at Yeshiva University pursuing a degree in Marketing. 

She is spending her summer break racking up real-world experiences observing and participating in the ins and outs of what it takes to make a small business run.  

Lauren is currently engaged in a critical project updating our files and records to improve accuracy and increase our speed from order to delivery. 

You won't notice any cosmetic changes as a result of her work, but she is helping us lay the groundwork needed to expand our salesforce so every team member will be able to offer "Stellar" service from start to finish. 

We wish her much success and look forward to sharing her thoughts and reflections when the internship is up.