Extracting Cannabis with Ethanol Getting the Best Products from a Crop Requires the Right Reagents

The complexity of chemicals in cannabis creates a need for chemical-extraction methods. With such technology, some of the 80 or so cannabinoids—including the well-known cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—can be incorporated in cannabis-based products, such as psychoactive ones driven by THC and medicinal ones based on CBD. To get started, though, the chemicals must be removed from the plant.

Many manufacturers use an alcohol extraction. With this technique, the cannabis is soaked in some mixture of alcohol. A good choice is 200-proof ethanol from Stellar Scientific. This product is “high-purity ethanol for use in extraction and other analytical chemistry work.” That makes this ethanol just right for a cannabis extraction. 

After that, distillation and other processes can be used to remove the alcohol and further refine an extraction that can be used in a product.

So far, many manufacturers create their own systems for cannabis extraction. Consequently, any number of items might come in handy in putting together custom cannabis-extraction equipment. To get your mind turning on the development of a new setup, check out these offerings in benchtop lab equipment

You never know what item might spark your creativity and turn into the basis of the best extraction platform that you can imagine.

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From a t-shirt to a finely tuned cannabis-based product, the results depend on the details. From 100% organic cotton to 200-proof ethanol, picking the best material or reagents turns out a product with the desired features, from a comfortable shirt to an effective healthcare product. 

The complexity of chemicals in cannabis is just the start, because variations arise from different strains and even because of different growing and processing conditions. 

As a result, manufacturers need an extraction process that is robust and reliable, just like the products and services from Stellar Scientific