Exciting new product addition! - The NightSEA fluorescence adapter system

Exciting new product addition! -  The NightSEA fluorescence adapter system

One of our "Stellar" core values, is to seek out new products to enrich your lab experience without busting the budget. 

While perusing vendor booths at the recent ASCB, we absolutely flipped when we met Charlie Mazel and saw the NightSEA fluorescence adapter kit in action. 

NightSEA is affordable, simple-to-operate and turns virtually any stereo (dissecting) microscope into a capable fluorescence tool in three easy steps. 

Stereoscopes with an integrated fluorescence solution will run in the $20-25,000 range for a single unit. 

The NightSEA adapter costs $985 for the basic set up which includes a Royal Blue excitation cube, a goose neck power source and two filters.

Additional excitation cubes can be purchased for less than $500, and the process for swapping them out couldn't be easier. Currently there are five different color cubes available. 

Who will benefit from the NightSEA system? 

Zebra fish labs or Drosophila labs  - screening/sorting fluorescent transgenic genotypes

Fluorescence-aided dissection, injection or micromanipulation

Fluorescence for education - undergraduate laboratory courses and outreach

And more...

Here is a short video demonstrating the system: 

If you are half as impressed as we were, follow this link to learn more and then reach out to us to see how we can bring the NightSEA to your lab or program.